Reading with Elliott

KOBE Literacy week 2019

Listen and read along while Elliott Doxtater-Wynn
reads some of his favorite books.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox

By Danielle Daniel



Caribou Song

By Tomson Highway. Illustrations by John Rombough

Concern Over Traditional Language Loss

Mr.Chisel relates how visiting Elder’s and reconnecting is important to him.

Reflections on Life, Language and Sharing

Elder Charlie Suggashie relates his experiences of growing up and where he is in his journey today.

How We Learn: Here to Listen, Here to Share my Story

Mishkeegogaming Elder Tommy Spence shares basic rules of how the language can be supported.

“Just an Indian”

Bearkin Lake Elder Mrs.Ellen Beardy talks about her history and how she managed to raise her siblings then later her own children.

Our Language is Changing

Sandy Lake Elder Damian Crowe shares with Deer Lake Elder Barbara Rae how the language before is not the same as now.

“I Did Not Always Understand My Grandfather”

Big Trout Lake Elder Levi McKay talks about his time at the Elders Symposium.

Beaver Tales: Passing Knowledge to the Next Generation

The trapping and use of beaver by Indigenous people has always been a part of the traditional cultures of the people in Northwestern Ontario.

New Paths: KOBE Initiatives in Education

Many of our projects that we have completed so far were proposal driven from the New Paths program.

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