Making Moccasins

A lesson with  Jolene Stoney & Mrs Edna I Thomas

A Childhood Story

Runaway dog team told by Betty Bluecoat

Born and Raised Washaho

Elders Adelaide Koostachin and Mrs. Edna Thomas talk about growing up in Washaho

Goose Blind Building

Community comes together to help as told by Moses Kakekaspan

How To Clean a Fish 

A lesson with Mary Miles

Learning from Elder Experiences

A lesson told by Stanley Thomas

Fishing in The Severn River

A lesson with Wendy Kakakespan

How to cut a goose 

A lesson told by Mary Ann & Kathleen Thomas

Honour Our Treaties

Mr. Thomas talks about importance of Treaty rights in Wasaho

Cleaning Ptarmigan

Cleaning ptarmigan with Effie Mathews and Donald Meekis

De-bone the Trout

Knowledge Keeper Marie Thomas (nee Hausen) shows how to clean a fish

Life in Fort Severn Podcasts

Speaking with Wendy Kakakespan


Camping Stories with Grace Bluecoat