Deer Lake

Arranged Marriages

Learning from elder experiences 

Talking about Treaties

A discussion with Saggius Ray

Adventures as Husband & Wife

Mr. Saggius and Elizabeth Rae share their story 

Living in the North

Elder Elizabeth Rae talks about her experience growing up in the north. 

A Christmas Hunt

David Meekis tells a story of a Christmas Hunt and memories of his family.
1/ Christmas Hunt Pt 1
2/Growing Up wth Gramma
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3/Christmas Hunt Pt 2

Christmas Tradition & Reflections of Growing Up in Deer Lake

Trish Anishnabie shares about her fond memories of Christmas and her experiences as a student.
1/ A Student and the Outside World
2/Christmas Time & Christmas TV
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Steve Meekis is a man of many talents.  Steve talks about the culture of Deer Lake. He also shares some of his knowledge on fishing.
1/Remembering Deer Lake of Long Time Ago
2/Sharing A Fishing Tradition
3/Ice Fishing
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Thinking About the Past & Concerns for the Present

Former Chief Roy Dale Meekis shares his stories of Deer Lake.  He goes on to talk about challenges, parenting, and technology.
1/ What the Elders Told Us
2/Traditional Life in Deer Lake
3/ The Challenge of Modern Parenting
4/The Trouble With Technology
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Life in Deer Lake Podcasts

Talking about Family, Community and leadership with Saggius Ray

Photo Gallery